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The real estate industry is known to be boring, out of date, and… well, professional. That’s why Hussein Kabani, Broker of Record at RE/MAX West Kabani Realty, really made a splash when he announced that he was changing the way he took clients through the stages of a real estate transaction on April 1st. Dropping a catchy original rap paired with a music video not only explained Kabani’s dominance in the industry, but it actually explained an abbreviated version of the real estate process to those who may not have known it before. This earned the project a spot on DailyHive’s list of, “April Fools’ Jokes from Across Canada”, alongside brands like McDonalds, WestJet, Tim Hortons, Subway, and Swiss Chalet.

Visualize Communications Inc. planned, wrote, produced, and ran the advertising for this campaign.

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